We  love the Wildlife Refuges of San Diego County. We are unique in that we are a cooperating association for both the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the California State Parks, giving us a rich and diverse set of opportunities to make a difference in wildlife refuge issues. From managing and administering private donations, grants and other funds, to participating in events such as bird counts, Earth Day and many other hands on activities, our association has something for everyone. We support  initiatives and programs such as Habitat Heroes and other educational activities to bring students to an awareness of the refuges and participate in preservation activities.

Check our news page and calendar for the latest information and  upcoming events, you will find many opportunities to meet new friends and make a difference. Come join us in our cooperative efforts with the National Wildlife Refuge System and California State Parks to make refuges even better places for wildlife and for people.


If you're flying Alaska Airlines in the next year you can find us in their mag!
The San Diego Bird Festival is in just a few days!

One bird, two birds! The February 2018 edition of Alaska Airlines' Magazine, Alaska Beyond Magazine, featured an article by Bayley McComb highlighting the upcoming San Diego Bird Festival and San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Interested in going? Visit the Festival’s page for more information: sandiegoaudubon.org/events/bird-festival "Birders know a “big day” is trying to identify as many species as possible in one 24-hour period. At the San Diego Bird Festival, Feb. 21–25, every day is a big day, with ample opportunities for novices and experienced birders to find yellow-crowned night herons, snowy plovers, California towhees and other beautiful winged creatures. The festival, arranged by the San Diego Audubon Society, features lectures and guided excursions to educate visitors about the birds living in the region. Free trips include a coastal refuges trip, which tours the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge, including the Salt Works ponds, shown at right, where you can spot a variety of birds." #birding San Diego National Wildlife Refuges San Diego Audubon Society

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Some beautiful shots of the flamingo on the refuge!
The bird still has an unconfirmed origin.

This Flamingo showed up yesterday in South San Diego. It's unsure of what species (American or Chilean) it is and we're unsure of if it's wild or an escapee. The strange thing is it has a band on its right leg supposedly from the US Fish & Wildlife Service.

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Yes it’s true! We do indeed have a flamingo on the San Diego Bay national wildlife refuge as of yesterday afternoon.
We are looking into where it came from but haven’t confirmed where yet. The bird is banded, so we know that is being kept track of in someway. It is currently enjoying the food it’s finding in the salt ponds on the refuge.
We do not plan to remove the flamingo as of yet, and we want to encourage everyone to not approach the animal.

For those of you who are keeping a “things I never thought I’d see in Imperial Beach” list, you can now add a pink flamingo which has now been spotted near the Beazer Homes at Bayside Landing. Thanks to some keen eyed birders and gave the city a call, we’ve notified the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Pacific Southwest Region and they are on the job since the city has no authority or wherewithal to handle such a situation. We’ve put in a call to the San Diego Zoo to see if they have any thoughts, and they are taking inventory. We suspect they’ve had to start recounting several times because the birds won’t stand still. It’s a good thing we have such a group of dedicated bird-watchers in Imperial Beach so we can stir up some action when needed. If pink flamingos would be happy and healthy here, we’d put out the welcome mat… but we aren’t sure. If it decides to stay with us, you are welcome to look, but do not approach or disturb the flamingo or this habitat.

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