We  love the Wildlife Refuges of San Diego County. We are unique in that we are a cooperating association for both the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the California State Parks, giving us a rich and diverse set of opportunities to make a difference in wildlife refuge issues. From managing and administering private donations, grants and other funds, to participating in events such as bird counts, Earth Day and many other hands on activities, our association has something for everyone.

Check our news page and calendar for the latest information and  upcoming events, you will find many opportunities to meet new friends and make a difference. Come join us in our cooperative efforts with the National Wildlife Refuge System and California State Parks to make refuges even better places for wildlife and for people.


After all that winter/spring rain, you've probably witnessed the exploding populations of rodents and birds roaming around. And with the temperatures this past weekend, you know we're going to be in for a hot summer☀
You know what that means = snakes!
Snakes might scare you, but what's scarier is NOT having snakes around. Imagine a world without them! Do your part and educate others about the importance of having snakes around (keep diseases and rodent populations at bay), and respect them when you see them.
If you see a rattle snake (the only poisonous snake around here) give them space, and stomp on the ground to encourage them to retreat to the bushes. If they are cornered in an urban area, call animal control to professionally relocate them to a protected area like our refuges or some other natural park.
Garter snakes and gopher snakes may look like rattlers, but you'll want those guys around to help you with vermin control.

Have a snake questions or myth to bust? Comment here!

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Our Refuge Manager at Seal Beach NWR asked his volunteers to consider adding some native milkweed to the native plant garden for the monarch butterfly. So, they collected some milkweed seeds and cultivated plants using cuttings from their own gardens.
Right now, the seedlings are growing in the nursery, but this caterpillar's mom decided that any milkweed will do!

Happy Pollinator Week, everyone.

Photo: Rick Nye/USFWS

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