We  love the Wildlife Refuges of San Diego County. We are unique in that we are a cooperating association for both the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the California State Parks, giving us a rich and diverse set of opportunities to make a difference in wildlife refuge issues. From managing and administering private donations, grants and other funds, to participating in events such as bird counts, Earth Day and many other hands on activities, our association has something for everyone.

Check our news page and calendar for the latest information and  upcoming events, you will find many opportunities to meet new friends and make a difference. Come join us in our cooperative efforts with the National Wildlife Refuge System and California State Parks to make refuges even better places for wildlife and for people.


Earth Day was awesome last Saturday, with hundreds of visitors celebrating the refuge, learning about native birds and plants, and even hauling away a bunch of harmful trash off the refuge.
Thanks for taking the Earth Day Challenge, folks!

Photo by Rachel Harper/Living Coast Discovery Center

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Check out this uncommon bird sighting on the Sweetwater Marsh!
Ben Vallejos, Director of the Living Coast Discovery Center took these shots, and said it's the coolest bird he has ever seen on the refuge!
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