About Us

The Friends of San Diego Wildlife Refuges is a non-profit citizen’s organization dedicated to supporting conservation and promoting awareness and appreciation of the National Wildlife Refuges of San Diego County. These include the Tijuana Slough, San Diego Bay and San Diego NWRs.

From back country trails to bayside salt ponds, estuaries, salt marshes, vernal pools and sand dunes, we are blessed with the beauty of nature in a very urban setting. By supporting National Wildlife Refuges, California State Parks and the varied programs that benefit refuges, we can do our part to ensure that future.

What we do:
• Supporting refuge events and public meetings countywide

• Fundraising, grant writing, and asset management for refuge projects

• Publicizing refuges and informing the public about refuges
and their programs

• Partnering with other San Diego natural resource agencies
in support of habitat and wildlife conservation

What you can do:
The choice is yours. You can be an active member and attend our membership meetings, assist in various exciting projects, and /or serve on the Board of Directors or on a committee – and  meet and work with some wonderful people!

Or, you can participate solely with your annual membership dues and receive a regular publication to keep you abreast of refuge activities.

Ready to join?

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