January 11th, 2019

[Sign-On] Let’s re-open the National Wildlife Refuge System


Dear Refuge Friends,

There will be a joint oversight hearing next Tuesday, January 15th, at 11:00 ET, regarding the government shutdown and its impacts on public lands. The hearing will be conducted jointly with the Appropriations Committee and the House Natural Resources Committee.

We would like to enter a letter for the record addressed to House and Senate Leadership from refuge Friends nationwide calling upon Congress to pass FY19 appropriations bills and open our National Wildlife Refuge System, thereby allowing public access, refuge staff to be paid and critical habitat work to resume. It is already likely that much field work that should occur this spring and summer may not happen due to an inability to get everything in order now.
To join the letter, please use our google sign on form here.
And don’t worry if more than one person from your Friends group signs the letter, we will remove any duplicates.


Thank you,

Desireé Sorenson-Groves

National Wildlife Association

Vice President, Government Affairs

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