August 28th, 2012

Don’t miss CALIFORNIA FOREVER (2 part television special on California State Parks)

KPBS – San Diego
 Thursday, September 20th 
Part One 9:00 pm and Part Two at 10:00 pm

California Forever is a two-part PBS television special that tells the story of California’s magnificent state parks from Yosemite in 1864 to the present day. Together the two one-hour programs remind viewers of the importance of California’s state parks as well as their priceless legacy. California Forever is scheduled to air nationally on PBS in the fall of 2012.

California Forever was written, directed and co-produced by award-winning and Oscar®-nominated David Vassar and co-produced by Sally Kaplan of Backcountry Pictures. The idea for the film was sparked after David and Sally watched the battle between conservationists and developers over the proposed Orange County Toll Road which would have paved over a portion of San Onofre State Beach. David and Sally felt compelled to tell the story of California’s State Parks as a way to remind viewers of its value and to inspire its preservation and protection.

Episode One
California Forever: The History of California State Parks highlights the discovery and creation of California’s state parks system and celebrates the individuals and groups whose passion and commitment helped preserve and protect them for future generations. It takes viewers on a scenic, cultural and historical tour of California’s state parks highlighting the people, key events and locales that made California history.

Episode Two
California Forever: Parks for the Future presents the very real challenges that state parks are currently facing in California. Among these are habitat destruction by overuse, protection of native species at the expense of recreation; reclaiming industrial brown fields to create new parks in dense urban areas; establishing historic sites that commemorate people and events from diverse cultures; and imminent park closures. California Forever: Parks for the Future is an invitation to make state parks more accessible to people of all ages and cultural backgrounds and to protect the myriad resources that countless dedicated individuals and groups have fought the last 160 years to preserve and protect.`

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