August 31st, 2011

San Diego MSP Gets $6,000,000 Grant

The San Diego Multiple Species Conservation Program (MSCP) (San Diego County, CA) will receive a $6,000,000 grant from the US Fish and Wildlfie Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund.

This project will result in the acquisition of 250-600 acres of land that will greatly enhance the existing San Diego MSCP by securing key regional wildlife linkages and preserving core habitat in four targeted areas.

The acquisitions will benefit 31 listed and unlisted species, including the San Diego fairy shrimp, arroyo toad, least Bell’s vireo, coastal California gnatcatcher, southwestern willow flycatcher, and bald eagle. The proposed acquisition areas support a mosaic of high quality riparian, vernal pool, and upland habitats that support numerous listed and unlisted species covered by the San Diego MSCP. The proposed acquisition supports a larger landscape conservation initiative and will greatly enhance the conservation goals of the San Diego MSCP through the connection of the largest intact blocks of publicly-owned and managed land within San Diego County. See article

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