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March 21st, 2018

Victoria Touchstone Named the 2018 National Wildlife Refuge System Employee of the Year

Victoria Touchstone Named the 2018 National Wildlife Refuge System
Employee of the Year
March 21, 2018

Washington, D.C.​ The National Wildlife Refuge Association has named Victoria Touchstone as our 2018 National Wildlife Refuge System Employee of the Year. Ms. Touchstone is a Refuge Planner for the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) Complex in southern California, and has developed and implemented critical projects that have not only benefited wildlife populations,but also created greater public access for the community.

In her sixteen years with the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge Complex, Ms. Touchstone has completed multiple major habitat restoration projects, has drafted and finalized four major Comprehensive Conservations Plans for four different refuges, and expanded public access. “Ms. Touchstone’s personal dedication to conserving habitats and protecting wildlife at the San Diego Refuge Complex exemplifies her commitment to her community and to the National Wildlife Refuge System,” said Geoffrey Haskett, President of the National Wildlife Refuge Association. “But her commitment to wildlife conservation extends beyond her role with the Refuge System as she rescues wildlife and uses her backyard as a refuge.”


March 7th, 2018

CALPA urges you to vote YES on Prop 68

On the June ballot, Californians will have a chance to address some of our state’s most important water, park, and natural resource needs. A vote Yes on Prop. 68 is a vote to support the California Clean Water and Safe Parks Act, a $4 billion investment in the coming years to protect California’s own unique natural resources and ensure every Californian has access to clean drinking water and safe parks.

The California League of Park Associations (CALPA) which supports and advocates for the many nonprofits serving CA State Parks, has joined a broad, bipartisan coalition of conservation groups, local park advocates, water experts, and business organizations supporting Prop 68. The CALPA board encourages all of its member organizations and individual members to join this coalition by clicking on the Join Us link at Yes68CA and sending the on line form to the email address provided. Then use the materials you find on that web page to let YOUR members, supporters, docents and donors know that you support Prop 68. Together we are a powerful voice in our State and can influence our friends and neighbors and our networks to support this important initiative.


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